Welcome to The Spiritual Atheist Blog

Hello, and welcome to my blog, the Spiritual Atheist. I am going to remain anonymous, although maybe that will change someday. My hope is that this will allow me to write and discuss things much more freely. In other words, my desire is for this to be more a personal journal than a typical blog.

I’m starting with the intent today to post something everyday for 100 days. My wife has done something similar recently (not a blog), and it has been very inspiring. I’ve wanted to write something for too long, and end up failing due to a lack of starting. So let’s just do something one day at a time!

This means I may choose to post about any subject that strikes me – and that is both freeing and scary! I may write about something in the news, or something routine in my life. It may be something deeply personal and / or controversial, thus the anonymity, or something totally boring or silly.

Yes, for the record, I do identify as a Spiritual Atheist. Feel free to Google that if you like – there are actually a lot of us! I think its a great conversation starter since it right away creates an intriguing juxtaposition. But don’t expect this blog to be about Spiritual Atheism, even if a related post occurs.


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