Don’t Forget to Look Up and Around

We came home last night and my wife looked up and said Wow! It was indeed an awesome view on a clear night. Lots of stars everywhere – and Jupiter big and bright too! We found the Big Dipper and it pointed to the North Star (Polaris) in the Little Dipper. We even pulled out some chairs and just sat and enjoyed the views!

We also walk our dogs most every morning. We enjoy seeing the hydrangeas and lilies and irises. And now the crepe myrtle trees are even starting to bloom. Everywhere we look it is just beautiful! And we have a little garden with lettuces and herbs and peppers and more. Right now we are sitting out on the deck enjoying it!

I have at various times in my life gotten too busy to look around. I hope I never let that happen again. Life is too precious to be too busy to enjoy it! So slow down and don’t forget to look up and around. Hang out with friends, listen to good music, eat good food, and drink good wine. Enjoy life today and everyday you can!


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