An Atheist and a Crystal Entered a Room

I am an Atheist. I am trained as a mathematician and have a decent science background too. So I have a very scientific / logical worldview. I know some probably think that a Spiritual Atheist means I am into lots of pseudo-science and/or “new age” things – but that is not me at all.

So I was shocked when I held my friend’s Selenite crystal and got “zapped” so bad that I got physically sick and was still hurting the next day!

I am what is called an HSP, a “Highly Sensitive Person”. The precise sensitivities vary from person to person, and I would not claim my case is very severe. I do however hear higher frequencies than most people, and sometimes those “silent” mechanical noises in a building can give me headaches and make me sick. And loud bass sounds bothers my stomach so bad that again I feel very sick pretty quickly. There are other things that bother me too, but that makes the point – my physical body is just more “sensitive” to some things, things that are very real.

So now think about what that means in terms of that Selenite crystal. Something about that crystal triggered sensations for me that others miss! I am not making any claims that there is some new other-worldly thing! I believe it has a scientific explanation, whether its understood or not.

But it really causes you to pause and reconsider when others claim that things like crystals have “energies” that can and do impact our lives! So this Spiritual Atheist is realizing that pseudo-science and/or “new age” things may in fact be very real – even if scientifically explained.


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