What Determines the Value of a Man?

I think sometimes that I have failed to accomplish enough. Why?

I’ve actually had many accomplishments over the years. But I tend to forget or minimize those past successes. I have a good job that values my work – and they keep paying me! But its easy to think that it’s nothing significant that “matters”. I was even well known in my field for a fair number of years. But I suspect very few in my field would know who I am now.

Why isn’t this enough? It actually sounds like it should be more than enough when I stop to consider it! Instead I see teachers get stopped by their former students who remember them. And I wonder who remembers me. And I read lots of books and go to museums and concerts. And I notice I haven’t written a book or created any art or music.

Why should that matter? I may not be a teacher or an artist, but I am damn good at what I do! Shouldn’t that be what matters instead? Again, when I stop and think about it, it does sound like I’ve done quite a lot! I see others volunteer their free time to help others – and I seldom do. Does that make me “less good”? Even if I do some and give freely?

So what determines our value or success? Why isn’t it enough to simply be ourselves? Why should accomplishments matter at all? Why should it matter if we are remembered? Why should we even need to be the best at anything? Why should there even be a question about our value in the first place?

I am a father, and a husband. I’m also a son, and a brother, and a friend. That’s really who I am! I am not what I’ve done. And I have been true to my self. These things should be all that matters!

So Happy Father’s Day – that is what matters!


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