Morality vs Legality

Today I hacked a license for a website plugin that I own a valid license to use.

My team spent a month of work moving content into this system. It all tested out great and we were happy with it. Then we released it live in production and each morning I woke up finding my site say it was not licensed – even though it was. Then I found all the content actually deleted after the 5th time!

I tried each day to get the vendor to work with me to resolve the problem. I even offered to pay more. And it was never a question of us having a valid license. The issue was that their license checking system seems to just be crap. There was just no valid reason for this to occur, nor should it delete our content!

So today I spent about 30 minutes to hack their license checking. That’s seriously all it took! Now the content we spent a month building using a system we properly paid for, which was never disputed, will work. We are still testing to make sure I haven’t missed anything, but I think we will be doing this.

I’d love to hear your thoughts …  Note that this vendor would never even give us a phone number nor talk about possible solutions!


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