Can Atheists Be Trusted?

I heard a story this morning about someone expressing that they couldn’t trust an Atheist. In this case the Atheist was one of the people in charge of an institution. We also know there are no “out” Atheists in the US Congress nor Supreme Court. And being an Atheist is now about the only thing that can keep you from being a Boy Scout!

I am also not publicly “out” as an Atheist. My wife and my kids know, but not the rest of my family; although they probably suspect. They already know I’m a crazy liberal that doesn’t go to church and drinks! But they probably still somehow hope I’ll make it to heaven – which would clearly not be the case if they knew I was an Atheist!

I very seldom acknowledged my Atheism when I and my kids were younger. I knew it would close the doors to many job opportunities for me. And it would have also closed the door to friendships and more for my kids. But it was at least mildly acceptable to be non-religious and even a bit liberal – Atheism would push it too far though!

The only thing holding me back now is the fear of breaking my Mother’s heart. We had one falling out for a while over the devil known as Trump! But that was something we could patch over and just not talk about anymore. I have declared my unwillingness to talk about some things they hear on Fox “News”, but this would be way bigger!

Yet I am already growing more distant to my family and have little in common left. I see how the bravery of those in the LGBTQ community has at least started changing things. I know there is still a long way to go, just as with racism, but progress exists. Maybe its time I come “out” for Atheism also – otherwise how will they ever learn to trust?


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