Feeling Tired for No Good Reason

I feel really tired right now. And things are irritating me. And I can’t focus on my work. And its getting worse all day.

I felt good yesterday, but I was tired at the end of the day. And then I couldn’t get to sleep, and that made me anxious. And that in turn made it harder to get to sleep. But I thought I got enough sleep, and I felt good this morning.

I was even glad I got up and walked like usual this morning. Not walking would have only got me 15 more minutes of sleep anyhow. And walking energizes me and makes my day start better. But gradually the tiredness has came back hard!

I can usually zone out the noise of coworkers around me. But right now I can’t do that, and its annoying me greatly. My work yesterday and today is not as critical, so that’s good at least. But maybe that’s partly why I can’t focus.

I am starting to question myself too now. What’s wrong with me? Do I like my job? What should I do? I feel so messed up. I realize none of this makes much sense logically. But its all I can think about for some reason. Glad its Friday!


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