I’m a Walking Oxymoron

I am a “Highly Sensitive Person” (HSP), but I also have “Total Aphantasia”. I hear higher frequency sounds that others don’t hear, but I hear no sounds in my mind. I go to the top restaurants in the world and love great food, but I can’t recall any tastes in my mind. Some of my most difficult things to be around are certain smells, but I cannot recall any smell in my mind.

I feel deeply with empathy, yet struggle to remember my feelings. I have tons of thoughts buzzing around, but I often can’t “catch” even one. I have a great memory, but have trouble remembering my own life. I want to do things and be with people, but I’m “sensitive” and an introvert. I thrive on being active, yet I want to do nothing. I’m an Atheist that is Spiritual.


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