Love the Christian but Hate the Religion

I was surprised to see this Facebook comment: “You are disgusting and your behavior is disgusting”. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised about any comments on Facebook. But this was from a pastor’s wife! And one in my family, which is why I saw it.

Its hard for me to understand why a pastor’s wife would ever say “You are disgusting”! I was under the impression we were to love the sinner even if we hate the sin. So maybe there’s a possibility to say “your behavior is disgusting”, although I’m not sure about that either, but “you are disgusting”?

Please know that I don’t think its right for anyone to say such a thing, so I’m not excusing non-Christians nor non-pastors. I was just still naive enough to hope that a pastor’s wife would not sink to such disparaging remarks. I should have known better though, as I have enough history with both pastors and family.

I opened the Facebook post with the comment on it and then realized it wasn’t even a recent post – it was over a year old. And there were hundreds, if not thousands, of newly made disparaging comments on this and many many other of their posts from “Christians”!

I suspect I’ve accidentally led you to believe this was the Facebook page of a pedophile – but no! This was the Facebook page of a business that simply asked someone to leave that they disagreed with politically. Maybe they should not have done that, but really?

These same people have made the argument that they should be able to deny service to those they don’t agree with. But when its the other way around they are appalled – and go out of their way to troll a Facebook page with thousands of disparaging comments!

My understanding is that you can totally discriminate based on politics, but I’m not trying to excuse that either. I was just still naive enough to have been shocked to find a pastor’s wife, in my family, taking the time to post “you are disgusting” to anyone!

I still don’t think this family member is “disgusting”. But I do think her behavior is disgusting! I’m finding it hard to love the Christian while hating the religion!


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