I Am a Green Architect Boulder

I enjoy personality “inventories”. I am an INTJ (Introverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging) on the Myers-Briggs, also referred to as “The Architect”. And I am a very high C (Compliance) on the DISC. In both cases, and others like them, the results are usually almost perfect at describing me! I’m also usually the poster child for being someone very “extreme” when doing these in groups – always fun!

Today at work I got my SDI results – I am a very high Green (Analytic / Autonomizing)! The one word they used to summarize Green was “Process”, as opposed to “People” for Blue and “Performance” for Red. Or alternatively, you can use “Analyze” for Green, as opposed to “Accommodate” for Blue and “Assert” for Red. Like usual, I was again the poster child – no one else was as “extreme”!

This means I’m motivated by analysis and order, like to think things through, objective and logical, preferring time to consider. I am cautious and thorough, double-check facts and prepare fall-backs, work best alone, tend to be serious over emotional. All this sounds pretty correct. And I have “conflict” with one of the Reds in my group because he is very much the opposite in most of these!

As with all people, my strengths can also be my greatest weakness. On my own I tend towards perfectionism, and can fail to get things to a done state because I keep wanting to make them better. In relationships or groups, I can come across as stubborn or close-minded, because I’m still trying to analyze the alternatives. Luckily my team (and my wife too) sees my actual strengths more!

There is also a SDI conflict sequence, and mine is Green Blue Red. This is the order in which I try to deal with conflicts. First I go Green – I want to carefully examine the situation and options. That annoys the Red in my group that wants things done. Then I try Blue – defer to others in the interest of harmony. But if all else fails, I go Red – fight, possibly in an explosive manner!

I chose to call myself a boulder when we were asked to pick one word to describe ourselves. A boulder is strong and reliable, nearly always good things. It is also very hard to move, which can be either good or bad, depending on the situation. But when it is finally moved, it is also very hard to stop. Which of course is usually not a good trait! So I am a Green Architect Boulder!


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