Relaxation Does Not Mean Doing Nothing

I like to stay busy. I struggle to be still. That does not mean I do not know how to relax though!

Relaxation for me simply means being busy with smaller tasks and chores that allow me to be at peace. I can come home from a stressful day at work and totally relax by unloading the dishwasher and taking out the trash! It is relaxing for me because it is not “work” to me. Instead it is just me being me!

I know that would not be the case for many others – and that is fine! The trick is to realize and accept that just as different people like different types of work, they also find peace and relaxation different ways! The “mundane” is relaxing to me because it is my time, even if I choose to keep myself busy.

Its actually even meditative and spiritual for me when I am keeping busy doing little things! Its much like “practicing the presence” of Brother Lawrence, although I think its more my own presence and not a “god”. And as a bonus – my wife seems to really love it when I’m going around the house relaxing!

I will admit that I also need to learn how to be still at times – and I am. But its also good to know that my relaxation can be very different than someone else’s – and that is OK!


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