Do We Perceive Time Differently?

There are some rare occasions I “know” a lot of time has gone by – but a look at the clock proves me wrong. I think a lot of time went by because there was clearly a lot happening in my mind to me. My mind was thus moving faster than typical and time actually ended up moving slow for me.

And yet to me in these times it actually feels like my mind is moving slow and time was maybe moving faster! Even though the actual clock proves my mind was maybe moving faster than usual for me and/or time was slower. This is a very rare thing for me, but also very real – which I think is good for me.

Maybe people that are “fast” to me, whether it be talking or activity, are just operating with a different internal “clock-speed”. Or maybe they seem fast to me because my “clock-speed” is just slower than theirs. Is that possible? Do we perceive time moving faster or slower relative to each other?

A computer that is “clocked” faster can overheat and need time to cool down. Is that also what happens to people? Do people that are “fast” burn out and have to recover? Is there just a fixed amount of “time” we each have to “experience”, and some “burn” through theirs faster while others stay steady?

Maybe that explains why I feel slow like a tortoise so often compared to others that seem fast like rabbits (hares). That would also explain why I still end up doing well in the longer run. Slow and steady really can win the race. How much of this is actually due to our own internal “sense” of time?


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