What Makes a Father?

My Father was the provider for the family. He provided the income and the safety we needed. He had instructions and advice when it was needed. He was a great role model, and he was fun and caring. He was also busy, and I was self-reliant. So he was everything I needed him to be.

I don’t remember many details though. That is true about most things in my life. So that’s not related to my Father at all. That is a statement only about me. I know he was a great Father. I just honestly don’t have much else to say beyond these factual statements and a few stories.

Now I am a Father. My children are in college now. I tried to be the provider, and I succeeded. I also tried to be a role model, to be fun and caring, and I know I succeeded there too. I was also the only parent for my kids during their teen years, and I tried as best I could to be Mom also.

Now all I have left is trying to give advice when it is needed. Children of course also end up making their own choices, just as I did. A Father can only hope in the end that he did a good enough job raising them so that they will make good choices. And for the most part I believe mine do.

I do have doubts and fears and anxiety though. I wonder if I could do more and not be as “odd”. But I have to remind myself that I do the best I can. And I know that’s been pretty good, even if “odd” at times. I love my Father, and I know my children love me. And I “pray” everyday for them!


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