Forward Neck Posture Chair and Pillow

I am happy that I got the chair I wanted at work! It is the exact opposite of “ergonomic”, and probably a lot cheaper.


I have a natural “forward neck” posture and find chairs that extend up high to provide neck support just end up “pushing” the neck forward. That is about the worst thing for me as it causes headaches! But most every chair in my company’s office is “ergonomic” with high backs. But most important for me is a low back!

I also need the proper back support though, and again its tricky as the “ergonomic” chairs just make it worse. The problem may be more that I have bad posture, rather than the forward neck posture. I think that is a result of many years of sitting poorly to compensate for the forward neck. So now my posture is just bad!

I end up needing a chair (low back) that gives just a little, but not too much. If it gives too much then I end up slumping and trying to compensate for my neck. But if it doesn’t give at all it tends to not be very usable in an office environment. On the other hand, a straight-back chair works great at home for me!

So the chair that I have now is one that I just happened to encounter in an older conference room in an older satellite building. It has a short back that has just a bit of flex – and it’s probably the cheapest chair by far in the office. It also doesn’t have arms, which is good since smaller chairs with arms tend to constrain.

Note that I typically sleep on the thinnest pillow available for similar reasons. I actually folded up a towel or a blanket before finding this thin pillow! All the “ergonomic” ones that are popular are too thick and too supportive and “push” my neck forward! I’d rather have no pillow than those, but thin is best!


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