I’m Like a Train

I’m like a train. I only operate on a track. I have to slow down to take corners. If I get off track disaster happens.

Trains do one job only. And they do that better than anything else. They move large quantities from A to B. They do that more efficiently than any other method. But they are dependent on others to get things to and from A and B since there is no versatility. If speed is needed then planes are better, but they are less efficient.

Trains don’t need many, if any, operators either. They just need tracks built and maintained, schedules managed to avoid collisions, and power to keep them going. Some trains are bare bones for cargo, while others are luxury for passengers, and others are somewhere between. But in all cases they get the job done they are designed for.

And that’s all that trains do. Yea, I’m very much like a train. Hopefully a train people like, but nonetheless a train!


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