Courage Needed to Change and Advance

I drew the “WarBonnet” card yesterday before we left. This is from the “Sacred Path Cards” by Jamie Sams. I’ve continued to think a lot about the message on it. It said to advance, don’t go backwards or stay in the doldrums. I earned the right to learn the next set of life’s mysteries. I am now able to move to the next step on the Sacred Path!

This resonates so strongly with me right now. Sometimes serenity is needed to accept things. But sometimes courage is needed to change things. Both of those are hard, but until you find the wisdom to choose it can be harder being stuck in the “doldrums”. Everywhere I turn, and everything I read, seems to confirm that it is time for change!

That can of course still mean so many different things. And it is so easy for me to get stuck in analysis paralysis. But sometimes it is important to act boldly and leap, even if that is just the first of more steps to follow. Life is the journey, there is no set destination. Meaning and purpose are what we make of life for ourselves – they are not predefined!

So I am very grateful to have the opportunity to relax on vacation at the beach for a few days. It is a perfect time to re-discover me. Or maybe its more about discovering the current me, as the old me is no more anyhow. The more clearly I can identify who I am now and where I am going, the more likely I will be able to clearly see my next steps!


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