The Spirtual Spiritual Atheist

I was staring at this blog trying to find inspiration. Then I realized the actual TITLE of this blog was spelled wrong! OMG – this is very embarrassing! This is my 42nd day – and I never noticed it before. And neither had my wife. And both of us are really good at spotting spelling mistakes. But no – I spelled Spiritual wrong in my TITLE – for 42 days!

Otherwise its been a great 42 days! I set out to write something everyday, and I haven’t missed a day. And its been really good! It has forced me to put it out there, imperfect and incomplete as it may be. And that has made me look deeper for something to say. I realize being personal isn’t likely to matter to others, but its been a nice journey for me.

So if you’ve been wondering about the “Spirtual Atheist”, you’ve apparently found me. And if you’ve been looking for the “Spiritual Atheist”, and couldn’t find me, well now you have! And either way, you’ve definitely found someone a bit more humble.


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