An Atheist and a Crystal Reacquainted

My first experience with my friend’s Selenite crystal literally “overloaded” me! The “energy” in the crystal played havoc with my HSP sensitivies! Ever since that time I have wanted to revisit that crystal, but I was waiting for an opportunity where I would have plenty of time to recover if needed. So last week’s trip to the beach for half a week was the perfect time to try again.

After a relaxing day at the beach, and some nice wine and more relaxation, it was time. My friend handed me the Selenite crystal – and at first I felt nothing. I continued to hold it though and quickly I could feel the “energy” starting to “charge”. But this time I was prepared! I was able to “push” back on the “energy” and keep its interaction minimized with my sensitivities. It slowly started to “grow” and/or I started to “weaken”, so I put the crystal down before any long-lasting affects could happen.

But once again I can attest to physically feeling the “energy” in the Selenite crystal! I very much believe this all has scientific explanations with electricity and chemistry and such. But it still very much amazes me that this type of crystaline energy is very “real”! And that it affects some people more than others. It is no wonder there are many “new age” spiritual interpretations.

For me this is another confirmation that there is “more” than just “normal” experience. As Sam Harris also reports in “Waking Up”, there is something “spiritual” that science-based atheists can very much still “experience”. We may be able to enhance it with meditation, or it may be assisted with crystals or certain “drugs”, but there is definitely something “more” that we call “spiritual” for lack of any better terminology.


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