My Self-Aware and Spiritual Dog

Dogs are awesome! One of my dogs in particular seems to be very self-aware – and even Spiritual. She even seems to be an HSP, Highly Sensitive Person, or is it an HSD in her case!

She will come from another part of the house when my wife starts playing the music she likes. That is typically the slower and “gentler” music that is peaceful and “soothing”. She will curl up next to her on the couch, or roll over on her back on the floor. She likes it – and she makes sure you know it too! But crank it up and play something too fast or “powerful” and she will literally get up and go as far away as she can. Again, she knows what she doesn’t like – and isn’t afraid to take care of herself!

The same is true when we are talking or watching tv. She will gladly be with us when it suits her. But she also won’t put up and hang around with noise that isn’t to her liking. She never hesitates to bark and let you know she wants outside, or back inside. Even annoyingly so if you ignore her. But she is really just speaking up for herself when you think about it. And if she wants to play, then she will bring you the toy she chooses to play with, repeatedly. Until she is done, or she is annoyed she is ignored.

She also spends a lot of time outside just staring up into the trees. Or sitting on the deck and watching one particular spot. Maybe it was a tree that originally had a squirrel run up it, and she may have even chased it herself. But that squirrel may not have shown itself for 30 minutes, and yet she is still just staring at the last place she saw it. Or maybe it was a bird or a chipmunk. Or even the full moon at night. At some point though it really seems to be a Zen-like trance or meditative Spiritual state.

Never hesitate to enjoy life and love your people. Don’t allow anyone or anything to steal your joy. Don’t forget to look up and around. Be connected and be Awed – be Spiritual!

Finally, this is my 50th post – one every day for 50 straight days. It has been an amazing journey so far to commit to writing something everyday. It has forced me to think about today and not aim for anything more. And it has also kept the audience to me, instead of trying to perfect things for others. Its really been a great way to explore my thoughts, and to be able to look back later and see progress. My wife was my inspiration – she is nearly at day 100! I highly recommend doing something similar!


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