First Black Female American Governor?

Stacey Abrams vs Brian Kemp for Governor of Georgia. Republicans win state-wide elections in the US South. Or do they?

Doug Jones beat Roy Moore for Senator of Alabama. Roy Moore was of course very much damaged goods. Enough typical Republican voters were either turned off and didn’t vote, or flipped to Democratic to make a statement. And more than usual Democratic voters showed up knowing they might pull it off. And history was made in Alabama!

So what about Georgia now? Georgia has already grown closer to not being solid Republican. Brian Kemp may not be Roy Moore, but he has went hard right and acted like Trump. And that certainly does turn off many typical Republican voters. But is that enough in Georgia? If that was all, it probably would not be enough in 2018.

But what about Stacey Abrams? She may very well prove to be the difference, as Stacey Abrams is no Doug Jones. I don’t mean any offense, but my understanding is that he was nothing special – he was just the anti-Moore. Stacey Abrams however is exciting! She has plenty of charisma, experience, intelligence, and integrity.

She is also a black woman! That really shouldn’t matter, but men and women are both fed up with men. And there is something “cool” about the possible history Stacey Abrams could become America’s First Black Female Governor! So it is very possible she has what it takes to get more than enough to flip and show up to make it so!


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