Aphantasia and Meditation

I’m the “Spiritual” Atheist, and so of course I should really be meditating. But meditation looks a bit different when you have Aphantasia. The typical “guided meditation” stuff just doesn’t make sense when you can’t picture things.

For me it is also really awkward to close my eyes to pray or meditate. I don’t know if that is an Aphantasia thing, or an HSP thing, or just an individual oddity. But I often get a bad feeling, kind of like dizzyness, but more, when I do.

I certainly can “meditate” of course. But it looks different in some ways for me. I had a bit of a rhythm in college for a while, when I was in a churchy group. It was mostly being quiet in nature, listening to and clearing my thoughts.

I have not tried much in the intervening years though. Life got busy and I left the church. I raised a family and advanced my career. I’ve discovered I’m good at staying busy. But meditation means I need to learn how to not be busy.



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