Sharing Victory after Success

I’ve found a new sense of contentment after having decided my next step. I don’t find it hard to make changes, but deciding to make changes is very hard. Once the decision is made however, I spring into action with no hesitation. And I feel very strongly that I have found my next job. It’s just a matter now of final things like negotiations.

I drew another “Sacred Path Card” the other night, and it was the “Counting Coup” Victory card. The one I drew just a few days before my beach trip and my decision point was the “WarBonnet” Advance card. That first one literally said it was time to “charge forward”, and now this one literally says it “represents the success of forward movement”!

The other interesting part is that it admonishes me to “share your victory with others”. The spoils are sweeter when shared. Share the joy with those that want to see me win. Always take care of those in need. More will happen when willing to give. I will have to continue to think on that, as it seems so unexpected, but also very intriguing.


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