Starting to Think about Next Trip

We’re starting to think a bit about our next big trip. I’ve heard many Aphants say they don’t bother with experiences. They say they can’t remember them enough to justify it. I certainly don’t remember all the details like visualizers do. But I do better at remembering significant experiences than everyday things. Plus you can only live in the present so much – you also need something to look forward to.

I’m also so glad that I’m learning to do trips differently. I used to try to pack in as much as possible to see every sight. That included lots of transfers or driving to include more cities too. Most of what was seen was the exact same things you can see in books or online. I’d also have every dinner planned out, if not lunch too. There was no deviation from the plan – there was too much else to do!

Now I’m learning to do trips differently. The best parts are when you get to see or participate in their culture. Especially in the smaller towns that are away from the big cities. It’s amazing how many festivals go on in small towns away from the tourist traps. You may not see all the sights, but you can find those online. It’s also more relaxing to not have as much to do. Nor every dinner planned out.

So where do we go next? We’ve got a couple of thoughts, and we’ve talked about putting them in a hat and just randomly selecting one!


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