Waiting and Irritation and Patience

I despise waiting. Right now its waiting to get my anticipated job offer. This morning it was waiting for today’s final interview. Last night it was waiting for this morning to get here. It was somewhat easier to wait a few more days over the weekend, but even that wasn’t easy. And its been awkward waiting to get to this stage since deciding 3 weeks ago.

This hatred of waiting is not really related to this particular case though. I don’t like waiting for meetings to start. I don’t like waiting for lunch. The other day I was getting quite irritated waiting for my tablet to work. The Kindle app get flaking out and not letting me read my book. I wanted to physically smash my tablet. At least I do have control.

I wonder how much of this others see or have to put up from me? Do I annoy my family and friends? I need to be more observant of this trait in myself and work to be more patient. I think I am patient with people though – its things that I am not patient with. And that reminds me of my Dad. Weird how that just happened. I had no clue this was going there at all.


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