Change is Coming with New Job

I am so happy and excited! I got the job offer I was expecting! I am now full of “butterfly” nerves, but that will settle down soon.

I believe I have found a place that I can call “home”. I interviewed them probably more than they interviewed me. I made sure I met all of my future co-workers. I saw them in action and went to lunch with them. I told the owner and my manager what makes me tick, and what annoys me. I also negotiated additional time off. And its closer to home!

Most of my nerves now are from telling my current manager. That is done now, but it takes me a good while to calm down. I know I have done some good work for them though. And I believe I am leaving them in a good state. There is still documentation and transition meetings of course. But they are and will be much better off than when a year ago!

I am sure I will continue to face challenges, as nothing is ever perfect. But I firmly believe this is the right thing for me now!


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