Learning Styles and Drawing Pictures

I draw diagrams and maps whenever I get a chance. I once had math students tell me they liked that I drew more pictures than others. And I’ve had several people be appreciative about maps I’ve drawn them. I’ve also figured out room and furniture re-arrangement by cutting out scale pieces I sketched.

I have Aphantasia – I can’t see pictures in my mind. It seems counter-intuitive at first that I would thus actually draw more pictures. But I need the pictures even more since I can’t imagine them, so I draw them for myself. This seems to be true of at least many other Aphants in Facebook groups.

The intriguing aspect however is that visualizers want these pictures drawn too! When only given a description in words to a math problem or map directions they still have a difficult time creating their internal picture. Sure they can imagine in pictures, but they first have to understand it themselves!


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