Connecting and Balancing Energy

I am finally learning that it really is about connections and energy. It’s not about what you do, who you are, what you have, where you live.

Who do you encounter in your life, and how do you interact with them? If you are not making good connections, then you need to change something! It may be your attitude, but it could be your job or friends or city that you need to change. The tough part of course is figuring that out, but the point is if you aren’t connecting then you are missing out on what really matters!

What gives you energy, and what takes your energy? You need to pay attention to that, as the answers are different for each person. Some people thrive in some energy-giving situations because they get just as much or more back, while others give the same but don’t get the same back. The trick is to find what gives you the proper balance, and it won’t be the same as mine!

Deeper still is to recognize these same needs in others! The people we meet also need connections and energy balance. If someone you encounter seems grumpy then realize they may have given more than they received back. So make that connection and give what you can to them. Hopefully you will see them lighten up and you will be able to some receive energy back also!

And if someone or something only takes energy and doesn’t make connections – then they are toxic and you need to move on to another instead!

I have learned so much of this recently. Now I hope that I can keep applying it with my new job when I start in 2 weeks!


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