Unexpected Things are Opportunities

I woke up yesterday to see there were lots of Android apps that were updated. That happens at times when they all have to keep up with Google’s changes. So I happily indicated that my phone could go ahead and update all the apps. One of the apps that was updated was my Home screen launcher. This is essentially an app that customizes everything about the way I interact with my phone.

And they messed it up big-time! I used to have 5 columns and 7 rows of app icons on my home screen, and it went back to the default 4 columns and 5 rows. In the process that meant that half of my apps were no longer visible! And even though their settings claimed that I was doing 5 by 7, it was just ignoring those settings. A quick search made it clear that many others were also unhappy with this.

I was not very happy about this – it was stealing my job. Then I had an epiphany! This was an opportunity to change things. Why keep doing things the same way? And in particular, it was an opportunity to minimize, since it is forcing me to have fewer icons. This is very much consistent with other changes I’ve been making in my life. Smaller house, fewer possessions, fewer Facebook friends, etc.

So now I have a simpler phone, to go with the rest of my minimalist life! And instead of having my joy taken, I found an opportunity to change things!


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