Life is a Journey so Eat Pray Love

I finished listening to “Eat Pray Love” by Elizabeth Gilbert yesterday. It was very good, even excellent, and also very timely for me personally. It really has me thinking a lot about how you can live your life in so many different ways.

My wife and I have long talked about our future possiblities. We talked about extended stays in another country to really soak up the culture. We’ve even talked about language immersion in another country. Or getting an RV and just living on the road. So in some ways this isn’t a new idea at all. But hearing from someone that actually did some of this, and with a spiritual angle to it, is intriguing.

I also find that I’m gradually learning to more easily interact with others. I can now strike up a conversation with the check-out clerk in the store – and make a difference. I give credit entirely to my wife for this, as I’ve learned by watching. This is of course a great skill to have all the time, but it becomes even more important when you pick up and do something completely different.

My life has definitely been a journey, with beginnings and endings along the way. I’m starting another chapter in a few weeks with a new job, but that’s all it is – another chapter. The end hasn’t even begun to be written.


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