Caretaker of People and Things

I am a caretaker. I like to take care of people in my life. I like to take care of things too, like those in my house. I like to take care of tasks also – love knocking out my todo list. I even like to take care of situations and arrangements.

Some of this comes from my need to stay busy. Some comes from my desire for structure. Some even comes from liking to look good to others. But some may also come from my difficulty expressing my feelings that I really care.

I’m not necessarily a good caregiver. Its a subtle distinction – I take care of people and things, but I don’t typically give care to people very well. That requires more personal interaction than I’m usually comfortable with.

I’m a great husband in most cases because I take care of lots of things. And I’m usually good enough at care giving in this case also. I am a great father to my kids when they need things. I’m not so good when they don’t now.

Now that I am moving on to my next job, I want to take care of my current job. I want to make sure that everything is in order. I want to make sure there is a transition plan with capable people involved that will also care for it.

So this is me – I am a caretaker.



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