Bob Ross Gift and Great Card

I am very proud of the gift I received from my coworkers on my last day. It is an abstract Bob Ross painting! It’s a big deal to me because I am an introverted software developer. Yet my team came to see me as something other than a quiet geek. Yes, I do have a Bob Ross t-shirt that I wore to one work event, but by itself that wouldn’t have been enough. I somehow allowed an outgoing creative side to show enough to be recognized!


And the card that came with it is full of really great comments too. My manager said I believed in them and helped them leap to the next level! Co-workers said I helped put their world back together, dramatically changed their world, taken the time out to teach, and I was an integral part of their growth. And several mentioned they were glad to get to know me personally as well as professionally. All in all very great and kind words!

I don’t say this to brag – instead it is a challenge! I must continue to be more than an introverted software developer. My next job and co-workers will be different, but I need to somehow show them this and other sides of myself too. Yes, in one sense my job is to be a great software developer, but for me to personally succeed it must be more. I must also continue to grow in other aspects of my life and personality – and it should show!


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