Stuck in the Now with Aphantasia

Living mostly in the “Now” due to Aphantasia really is usually a good thing. But I also like to have new experiences since I don’t “relive” past ones. For me that has started becoming a couple of trips a year, one or two usually “big” trips. And dinner at a nice restaurant, often actually one of the best in the world. Planning those adventures is one of the ways I “escape” the “Now” when it gets “routine”.

Now that I have a peaceful job, with little stress, the “Now” is getting very “routine”. That is something I wanted, and it is a good thing – and I have no regrets! But it also means I am realizing that I have a bigger need to “escape” this pleasant “routine”. So I think it is time to choose and start planning some more adventures! So being “stuck” in the “Now” means I actively need something to look forward to.


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