Learning to be Content with Life

I’ve been on my new job now for 4 weeks – and all is great! My co-workers continue to be really good – not just nice. I get to eat lunch with them many days, and chat some every day. And they are always helpful in every way. My managers are also always really good – again not just nice. Things are well thought out and my work is well reviewed. That means both good critiques to learn more, as well as recognition of it being good. I even have one thing in production already, and 2 more things getting very close. This is a great job!

It also makes me realize how much I need something more! I seem to not know how to be content – even though I also do not know how to handle stress! I hope it is as simple as more experiences. Small ones more often, whether it be restaurants, game nights, weekend get-aways, or other similar things. And also planning the bigger ones that are less common, like bigger trips to places farther away. In other words – I really do not want to think of different jobs anytime soon! Maybe someday, with partial retirement – but not anytime soon.


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