Enneagram Personality and Gut Type

I recently learned my Enneagram type was Type 1, i.e. the Perfectionist. I ranked high as Type 5 also, the Investigator / Observer. Both of the descriptions resonated strongly with me, but there was one major difference. They break the 9 types out into 3 categories for Head, Feeling, or Gut. Type 1 was Gut while Type 5 was Head – and I would have guessed I would be in the Head category.

This exercise really helped me understand much more about myself. I had no idea there was a “Gut” category, let alone that I might fall into it. I assumed because I’m “academic” and not about “feelings” that I would be in the “Head” category. But while I spend a lot of time thinking, and am very detailed oriented, I am frequently more about “action” than just “thought” or feeling!

Gut types have more “anger” issues while Head types have more “fear” issues. This also really confused me at first because I do have lots of fear and anxiety – and I thought very little anger. But unlike Head types, I usually work through my fears because I take action! My anger doesn’t come up often, true enough, but when it does it is not something I have learned to work through well!

Finally, it looks like my Mom is probably a Type 5! She is not “academic” so at first this seemed weird, but she is “stuck” in her Head and does not resolve fears! Maybe her strong influence is even why I have so many fears – but at least I move on with my Gut. So I have learned a lot about myself by looking into Enneagrams. I am a Gut person more than a Head person – this makes sense!


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