Warehouse Manual Laborer

My newest job as of 2 1/2 months ago is with a retailer / wholesaler. I am on their team of software developers for their internal systems. We make not only the customer websites, but their support and warehouse systems. The warehouse systems get down to printing out picking and packing lists, as well as shipping labels from UPS and USPS. We also sell and thus interface with Amazon, Walmart, and more.

And I am now a warehouse manual laborer for them too! I worked one very long day last week – most of 12 hours. And today marked my first day of what will likely be every work-day for the next 4 weeks of 4-6 or more hours in the warehouse! It’s prime season now with Christmas approaching, and we just can’t get enough quality temp workers. So full-time folks like me pick up the slack when needed!

And I love it! I’ve been thinking I might like to do something like this someday, since I like shopping. But its always been hard to know if that was realistic for someone like me that is used to working with my mind. I’ve also been aware that I don’t necessarily want to work at a desk full-time much longer, so its been even more on my mind. And now I have proof that I can do it – and actually enjoy it too!

Now I’ll gladly admit that I don’t see myself working many days over 8 hours, let alone the weekend. I know the main hourly laborers need to do that to actually make a real living. So I’m probably not going to be their main warehouse worker – but that’s ok. For now I’ve got the best of both – a full-time combo of software dev and warehouse work! The future will decide the rest when the time comes.


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