Tinnitus and Hyperacusis

I’ve always had higher sensitivity to some things like sounds, i.e. HSP. I even got “zapped” from holding a crystal once, so its not just sounds. I’ve also started having more tinnitus as I’ve gotten older. So I finally mentioned it to my doctor and got referred to an ENT.

They started with a hearing test – and my hearing is perfect! The test itself however was probably my first “panic attack”. The sound-proof room with no air-flow with ear-plugs and sounds was too much. I wanted to rip out the ear-plugs and run out and scream!

Next was an MRI – which showed only a deviated septum and a bit of sinus activity. That was good news since finding something would likely have been a tumor. Note  that the sounds and vibrations of the MRI did not bother me at all! This surprised my wife a bit.

The first step has been to treat the sinus condition with a few meds. And after about 2 weeks of that my tinnitus increased significantly and became persistent for 2 1/2 weeks. After nearly a week back to normal it is now again persistent – so far for about a week!

I see the ENT again tomorrow and hope he has some thoughts! Maybe its stop the remaining sinus meds. I tried acupuncture twice during this time with no difference. I also went to my chiropractor once with no difference. I’ve tried a few exerices as well.

I’ve also had one of my most severe reactions to vibrations during this time. A truck was idling for a while outside my window at work. I had to leave my office and drive around til it left. I discovered this is called hyperacusis – going to mention it to my ENT also.

I do already see that my mental and physical state has a lot to do with how much I’m affected. If I’m relaxed I can nearly ignore the tinnitus, but if I’m trying to focus (work) or stressed then its worse. And its easy to get in a spiral and start to get overwhelmed.


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