Being Authentic and Word for Year

My wonderful wife challenges us each year to identify a word or words for the upcoming year. I have chosen my word for 2019 to be “Authentic”.

I like this word as it does not necessarily imply any change is required. For me it means to know myself and to continue or change as appropriate to be more fully true to myself! This applies to all areas: myself, family, friends, co-workers, career, strangers, and more.

I’m sure I’ll identify challenges throughout the year, but my current challenge is my career. Not my job – it really is close to perfect after my change last year. My question for myself is what do I really want to be doing, at least for the next year / phase of my life?

Maybe it is to keep doing what I am doing! Maybe I am simply feeling the doldrums of a cold and wet winter. Maybe it is the persistent tinnitus driving me crazy. Maybe I just need to find small ways to change up the way I work. To that end I am going to force myself to get up and walk more often. I need to listen to myself better to understand if I am already doing what I need to do.

What if I don’t want to do the same thing anymore? I have one idea already, which is to teach high school mathematics! I’ve done enough research to know there are possibilties. Private schools may not require a certification, and there are alternative options for public, although no guarantees either. Is this just me focusing on the one option that I’ve identified so far, or is it authentic me?

Should I stay put and just make adjustments? Or should I make a major career change? If the later, should it be what I already think about? Or are there other viable and interesting options? Why does teaching high school math keep capturing my attention? Is that being authentic to myself, or is my tinnitus and the winter just making me think I need a big change that is not authentic?

FYI to myself: I also keep hearing that I need to not get stuck in looking for the perfect answer. In the end there may be more than one right answer. Or it may change over time. And even if I get something wrong that is ok too, as I am blessed to have options.


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